By definition....

Freshen up, replenish, revive, update, renew. . . 


However you define it, REFRESH implies change.......for the better.


For some things, you can simply make the decision to change and it's done. No second thought.


However, that is often NOT the case. You may have good intentions but there is a reason you haven't made the change, or maybe you tried and it was not sustainable. It's not that simple...


LIFESTYLE is defined as the combination of our attitude, conduct, behaviours, habits, and overall way of living. 

The term "holistic" can be confusing, but simply implies an all-encompassing, comprehensive approach. Be sure to read my post "What does Holistic Actually Mean" for a more detailed definition of the term and why I chose to use it. 




Health is so much more than the absence of disease or having a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Health is the quality, variety and quantity of what we put into our body and what we choose to leave out, finding enjoyable ways to move our bodies regularly, getting enough quality sleep, feeling good about ourselves, having healthy relationships, being happy, having energy, managing stress, having a positive outlook and making time for ourselves.
Think about what being healthy means or has meant to you. Have you looked at health from this holistic perspective before?
While you are working on your own health, think about the health of the planet. Our planet is slowly dying and humans are the direct cause. There are simple ways to help reduce your waste and ecological footprint that in turn, you can feel good about.
REFRESH has been divided into 5 categories to help you navigate the site and set goals based upon what is meaningful and important to you.  Check them out below.

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