You can eat healthily and be physically fit, but if you are constantly stressed, anxious, sick, disorganized, exhausted, unhappy, lonely or tired, are you really healthy? 


Or maybe your mood and/or sleep is the reason your diet is suffering and you are not getting the exercise your body needs?


Let's be honest, if you are stressed or tired convenient empty calorie foods are typically the go-to, and exercise gets swapped for Netflix and a glass of wine. Once in awhile, totally normal. However, if this is a daily occurrence making healthy changes to improve your mood and/or sleep should be a priority.



Identify the area(s) for improvement. Is it something you can address on your own?

*If you think you are clinically depressed or anxious to a point that it affects your ability to function normally in your activities of daily living, please see your family doctor or therapist. The advice given on this site is general and not intended to replace professional help.




Are you constantly tired, sluggish or lacking energy? Is it affecting your mood and day to day functioning?


Are you getting enough sleep? Waking up frequently throughout the night? Having trouble falling asleep? Getting quality, restorative sleep? 


Check out these 20 Simple Strategies to Help You Sleep Better and Feel More Rested.




  • Are you generally happy? Sad? Depressed? If you have mild to moderate depression, check out this new Exercise and Depression Toolkit

  • Are you stressed out all the time? Sometimes? Can you identify the cause(s)?

  • What do you do to manage your stress? Is it adequate?

  • Are you regularly worried or anxious? Can you identify the cause(s)?

  • What are you doing for self-care? Is it enough?

  • Do you socialize with other adults?

  • Is your home/life generally organized, or are you always 10 steps behind playing catch up? 

  • Are your relationships with your family, friends, etc. healthy? If not, can you change this?

  • Does your day/week revolve around routines, or is it all over the place? 

  • Are you eating a healthy balanced diet? Exercising regularly? Getting enough fresh air?




Read through the blog posts. Analyze your life. What is important to you? What needs to change? What small changes can you make to work towards a healthier you? 



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