Holistic Lifestyle Refresh is a self-directed resource to help you improve your overall health and well-being, and/or reduce your environmental footprint through accumulative small lifestyle changes in areas that are meaningful to you. Whether you want to eat better, start exercising, improve your sleep, eat less sugar, use more natural or eco-friendly products, waste less, use less plastic, drink more water, improve your mental health, stop smoking, learn to play a sport, make healthier food choices or anything in between, this resource is for you! 


Changing one’s lifestyle completely, all at once, is a large feat and not usually realistic or long term. This resource is for the average person who is committed to making simple accumulative lifestyle adjustments pertaining to nutrition, exercise, environmental toxins, mental health, sleep, stress, mood and/or the environment in a way that is sustainable. You can start with one small change or make a number of changes at once. It is 100% up to you and what your priorities are at this point in time, or once you become more educated on certain topics. This is NOT specifically a weight loss, dieting, recipe, or personal training resource, but rather a guide to facilitate your permanent LIFESTYLE REFRESH in areas that are meaningful to you.





What is or isn't working?

 What do you want or need to change? 

What do you need to learn more about? 


Under the REFRESH tab are 5 categories. Depending on what your overall goals are you can navigate through some or all of the categories. Each category page includes general information on that particular topic, with links to blog posts containing more specific information to help you on your journey to better health, wellness, and sustainability.  The BLOG tab has a wide variety of posts with new ones added bi-weekly. Categories include:


EAT - what you put in and leave out of your body matters...a lot


MOVE - get moving...make exercise something you look forward to


BE HAPPY - improve your mood and sleep to enhance your overall health


NON-TOXIC LIVING - lessen your exposure to everyday cancer-causing toxins


WASTE LESS - reduce, reuse and recycle to feel better about your ecological footprint



Once you have navigated the site and have a general idea of your goals, head over to the Goal Setting page for help facilitating a plan to ensure your goals are realistic and you are able to follow through. Return to the site regularly for motivation and to make cumulative permanent healthy lifestyle changes. You can also subscribe to emails for bi-monthly motivation and information on recent and upcoming posts.


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